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We help you

Boost your AI models with
clicker-powered data labelling


Our team will help you train your AI model.

Currently, we have a team of specialists trained in object recognition, geospatial data and information research.







We deliver the work of many people with just one contract.

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Whether you’re an AI startup or a big enterprise

you might be facing one of the following problems:

1.Too much data

2.Unlabeled data

3.The lack of workforce

Does any of these seem relevant?

We have the exact solution for you!

Main benefits from cooperating with us:


highly-engaged team that’ll help organizing and labelling your data

cost-effective solutions profitable for all parties involved

increase work efficency, reduce costs and develop the AI model faster

save time for your
in-house team to focus on strategic tasks


Sounds good already?

tło_Obszar roboczy 1.png

We are not looking for clients, but partners - this means that the relationship between all parties involved is our priority. Always.

Apart from the high-quality service and relationship, our team excels at communication and flexibility. We are able to quickly adapt to changes and tailor the service according to your demands.

Our workers will take control over manually training your software, which will give more time to your own in-house team to focus on more strategic tasks. This way your enterprise will increase work efficency, reduce costs and develop the AI model faster.

At being agile is what matters.

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